The Bee Foundation

The Bee Foundation is a non-profit organisation established by Apple&Bee to help raise money and awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). At present honey bees around the world are dying and no one really knows why. There are various possible causes currently being researched (Australian bees have yet to be effected).

Honey bees support a large proportion of the world’s food crops and without them our fragile ecosystem could easily be upset. Everyone can do their part to help. Here are some simple ways to help:

  1. Plant native flowering trees and plants, which help create a happy environment for honey bees to thrive.
  2. Go organic!
    It’s no secret that buying organic produce helps protect humans from harmful pesticides and at the same time protects the planet. It also protects the bees. Get informed about gardening organically in your very own backyard. Common garden pesticides can effect bees, so if you must use synthetic chemical pesticides, apply them at dusk when honeybees aren’t working.
  3. Support your local beekeepers
    by buying locally produced honey. One of the best ways to help keep bees available for agricultural pollination is to keep beekeeping viable, and the best way to help your local beekeepers is to buy their honey.
  4. Write to your local MP,
    this may help to educate them and raise awareness. This is still a relatively new issue and any noise in your local forum has a better chance of being heard elsewhere.
  5. Spread the word to friends and family and together we can make a difference...
    a big difference… remember many puddles make a pond!
Honey by apple&bee contributes part of its profits to the Bee Foundation. For further information on how you can help please contact:

Honey by Apple & Bee

Honey by Apple&Bee is designed in Australia with organic sustainable materials at an affordable price. Made with love our make up and travel bags will help carry your essentials with you everywhere.

Additionally, part of our profits go to The Bee Foundation, a non-profit organisation helping to find a solution for our disappearing honey bees. Honey bees pollinate a large proportion of the worlds food crops, so we all need to act quickly to find a solution.

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